• Connecting your fleet of vehicle to make your life easier.

    Reduce the cost of your fleet by more than 30% and improve the safety of your employees.

  • - Your fleet management simplified -

    Track, Analyse, Improve

  • - Key benefits and advantages -

    of a connected vehicle fleet

    Cost reduction

    Significantly reduce your fuel, maintenance, breakdown and even insurance premium costs.

    Increase security

    Improve driving behavior, increase the safety of your employees and reduce the risk of accidents.

    Decrease CO2

    Decrease the carbon footprint of your fleet. Engage your employees in an eco-responsible program.

  • - CARFICS Connect® -

    Control and optimize your fleet operations with an all-in-one solution
    for businesses of all sizes.

    Our products can help you to reduce operation costs

    of your fleet and business; and improve its efficiency.

  • - Features and Services -

    and many more to discover

    Real-time GPS tracking with live data

    See the real-time location of your vehicles and make the right decisions with the help of accurate real-time data. Improve the efficiency of your business operations.

    See current route and speed

    Easily check your drivers' route choice, monitor their speed and ensure safe and precise driving that goes as planned and is on the schedule.

    Schedule and predict maintenance tasks

    Stay on top of proactive maintenance tasks with scheduling and predictive service reminders based on your car health monitoring.

    Diagnose your vehicle in real time and get possible car troubles explanation before going to the workshop mechanic.

    Driver's data right in front of you (Tachograph)

    Understanding of drivers' current driving time, distance driven, rest periods and tachograph prediction will help to make the right decisions. Driver's data will be a perfect addition that will fit perfectly in your route and task planning process.

    Improve fuel efficiency and reduce costs

    Unlock fuel trend insight, spot deficiencies and optimize vehicle allocation. Real-time data analysis, fuel consumption and ability to compare fleet vehicles on this data right in the live map view will also help for route and task planning.

    Score drivers based on driving performance

    Interested in enhancing Your drivers’ performance and improving business efficiency? With our Driver Behaviour solution, you’ll be able to see their conduct in various categories and help them improve accordingly. In doing so, all your fleet cost will decrease significantly.

    Powerful reports - use your data smart

    CARFICS system keeps track of your fleet data and events that you want to track. This information can be used to generate powerful reports to analyze and improve your business processes and save money. Put your data to work.

    Endless integration opportunities API&Webhook

    CARFICS has its own API here, which can be used to receive historical vehicle data as well as real-time vehicle position data. You can now easily implement integrations enable you to push and pull data from any systems, extending the value and utility of your fleet's data using Webhooks or other app. 

  • - Get the right solution -

    in 3 easy steps

    Online Demo

    Request a free demo to test our fleet management interface for businesses of all sizes and activities. So you are aware of the features offered by our solution.

    Sales proposal

    You describe your problems and/or goals for part or all of your fleet. We build a personalized proposal adapted to your fleet size and features needed which you validate.

    Get Access

    After payment, we deliver you the CARFICS devices to connect easily to your vehicles. Then we support you to quickly take control of your connected fleet management solution.

  • - Testimonial -

    Do not trust them, test our solution ;-)

    Agnès B.

    Logistics & distribution Manager

    "We had a very heterogeneous fleet which CARFICS solution harmonized by providing a unique control center with simple and accurate key performance indicators."

    Pierre T.

    Fleet Manager

    "We had no realtime data about the vehicle health and the employees driving behavior. Carfics allowed our company to regain control of our TCO in a simple manner."

    Mélanie G.

    HR Director

    "My colleague was spending 60% of her time to manage our fleet! The CARFICS solution has reduced its workload to 20% and has automated many task like employee mileage/Fuel reimbursement."

    Pascal L.

    General Manager

    "CARFICS solution allows us to follow the driving workings hours of our truck drivers in real time like a digital tachograph which improves their security and simplifies our payroll management."

  • - We make your vehicle smarter -

    to make your business more efficient

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